My Dog Is Underweight What Can I Do To Help Dog Gain Weight Fast?


my dog is underweight what can I do

Is your dog underweight and you feel helpless and clueless about why your dog is on this dramatic weight loss slide even when he eats? There is nothing heartbreaking than to watch your beloved pet’s weight gain suffer so much and you feel like you are running out of options to help your dog gain weight fast.

My Dog Is Underweight What Can I Do To Help Dog Gain Weight Fast

  1. In many cases, your dog’s weight will start to go under as a result of a health problem, so the first thing you can do for your dog is to make sure that your dog is seen by your local Vet who will help you investigate the real cause for your dog being underweight.
  2. If for whatever reason your dog is at no risk of any underlying health issue, you have work on your hand to make sure that your dog gets every help possible to start gaining weight as fast as possible.

Consider Evaluating Dog Meal Times

How much food your dog is actually eating every meal times will play a significant role in how much weight your dog gains. And if you are a working pet owner, this can be a little bit of a challenge simply because you are always away from home during the day when your dog could use few supervised meal feeding machine

Luckily technology can help bridge your meal times at work to coincide with your pet meal times with the help of pet feeding machine and a pet cam which can help a nervous dog cop with the anxiety of being left alone at home.

Dogs struck with a severe anxiety of being left home alone when parents go away often lose appetite and the rate of loss of appetite in dogs even goes higher for dogs that are booked into dog lodging kennels while pet owners go on holiday.

Re-Introduce Your Adult Dog To Puppy Dog Food

Puppy dog food is full of everything a puppy needs to grow and put on weight effortlessly. When you feed your adult dog puppy dog food, it’s like heating the reset button on that old dog. Simply put, puppy dog food has a much higher calorie concentration than adult dog food. This works really well for any dog that is eating less food while burning more calories which is a common occurrence in many active dogs than you might have thought.

Best High Calorie Puppy Food

There is plenty of high calorie puppy food on the market for dogs. And that makes it a little bit of a challenge to trust a particular dog food brand to deliver on its promises. Luckily, high calorie puppy food review reports like this one help to whittle things down to an acceptable comparable handful any pet owners can quickly sift through and find the perfect food tight that contains the sort of high calorie fit for purpose. Let’s jump in and see what is available and why you need to pay attention to these few high-calorie puppy foods listed here.


Most puppy owners have no idea of the benefits raw diet for puppies has. The common myth is that feeding your puppy raw diet may expose your dog to vulnerabilities associated with the raw food diet for dogs. Very often I get asked, what to feed a 7-week old puppy? My answer is always simple.

A dog mother who is feeding 7-week old puppies will most likely not be able to produce enough calories these 7-week puppies need to stay well within their daily calories needs.

So what it means is that the gap has to be filled in with something that keeps the puppies from picking up bad habits of eating poo or dead rodent.

Luckily raw dog food diet helps to accomplish just that. so to answer in simple terms, if you are still wondering what to feed a 7 week old puppy, then this list of best raw diets for puppies will be what you are looking for.

Raw diet feeding in dogs seems to be a choice that pet owners get to make based on the feeding goals they have in mind. Some will choose raw dog food for puppies as a way to help adult dogs build muscles and put on weight if there have been a significant drop in weight for a dog.

Others choose raw dog feeding to mimic the carnivorous diet that dogs are naturally accustomed to in the wild. However dogs having been domesticated for centuries now, their dietary needs for raw feeding has somewhat evolved to that extent they are now able to eat a plethora of food humans eat. 

This dog feeding evolution hasn’t been possible without consequences, in fact, most dogs suffer from a plethora of intestinal complications, dog food allergies even diarrhea for dogs is also rampant as a result of the type of food they eat. 

Puppy Won’t Eat And Has Diarrhea

If you have recently changed your puppy from wet food diet or dry food diet to something else, your dog may be exposed to food ingredients that are irritating your dog’s digestive system. While many will be quick to point out that you should try food elimination and replace their diet one by one until you find which food is irritating your dog, I think taking your puppy to your nearest vet is a good idea.

While you are at it, make sure that your puppy is well hydtrated and if the puppy won’t eat while he has diarrhea, it may be that he has lost appetite or he just doesn’t like the type of food you are offering him.

Try to switch back to what he enjoyed eating before he starts to get under malnourished so he can get food in her stomach that will bolster her daily calories intake requirement. There is plenty of raw dog food dietary options which you can choose for your dog. 

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[…] My Dog Is Underweight What Can I Do […]


[…] My Dog Is Underweight What Can I Do […]

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