Flea Bites-How Moving Homes Got All Our Furniture Flea Infestation.

Flea Bites are a common concern for many pet owners, however if you are moving homes you could be at risk of getting ravaged by fleas in your new home even if you do not have a pet.

Sadly fleas can lie dormant for a long time. It only takes the heating and vibrations to wake  up an adult pupae flea. If You are Moving Into a new home with your furniture or if it comes fully furnished, make sure you treat the house with flea control pesticides which you can easily buy online from Amazon or your local pet store.

Not everyone is allergic to flea bites, personally I do not have any flea allergies, but my grandson does, so knowing pretty well how fleas can be in hibernation for a long time ANYWHERE in the house, the best thing you can do for your absolute peace of mind from fleas in your house, is to fumigate your home the moment you collect your keys.

There are plenty of household flea spray you can easily get, and give the skirting boards, carpets a good spray throughout the house or use a flea bomb.

This situation has occurred to my daughter as well. She moved in and is now being eaten alive once the heating went on, the old guy before had cats, and even though the house was empty for a long time the adult fleas are still there in pupal stage. She has bombed the house, and so far so good, no more bites.

Do not fall victim to flea bites when you can easily avoid the expense of having to replace flea infested furniture in the house, spending thousands of dollars from your hard earned savings when you could use household flea spray to keep these annoying parasites at bay.

I’ve just been sitting here on the couch and about to reply about me gutting our bedroom and seeing no signs of bed bugs and here I look at my left wrist and theres a f*ckin flea sittin on it…

Please understand that when you’ve got a new house it may as well have belonged to pet owners originally or your neighbor, where the corridors have carpets on the landing. Fleas have no wings so they do not fly, however they are avid jumpers, so they move from one place to the other by hopping.

Beware of Fleas And Bed Bugs If You Are Buying antique Furniture or From Charity Shop

Until I could get my own furniture sorted out, a charity group donated a few bits of furniture for me to use. Couches, some units etc. Little did I know that I was inheriting bed bugs and fleas into my new home.

Bed bugs and fleas are great survivors, all it takes is the living room to be warmed up for them to be a wakened.

I’m so annoyed! lol. Ive just spent the best part of the day in our bedroom pulling out furniture and beds etc only to sit down to relax and here’s a flea jumping on to me!

So do I ditch the couch and get my own leather sofas moved in asap? or would there be a short term remedy I could try in the meantime bearing in mind we’ve already steam cleaned the bloody thing


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